[Numpy-discussion] Syntax trouble in translating matlab code to numpy

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Thu Apr 12 14:09:12 CDT 2007

Oliver Siemoneit wrote:

>     # Transform to LMS space
>     LMS = numpy.zeros_like(RGB)
>     for i in range(RGB.shape[0]):
>         for j in range(RGB.shape[1]):
>             rgb = RGB[i,j,:2]
>             LMS[i,j,:2] = numpy.dot(rgb2lms, rgb)
> This code fails in the last line with the error message "ValueError: 
> matrices are not aligned". But how to align them?

You want :3, not :2.

By the way, I have some code that applies a more rigorous model for
colorblindness. The class LinearCorrespondingPairs in this file:


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