[Numpy-discussion] Fastest distance matrix calc

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Tue Apr 17 11:08:10 CDT 2007

Christopher Barker wrote:
> Matthieu Brucher wrote:
>>     you can probably use numpy.hypot(v-y) to speed this up more...
>> Tried it today, hypot takes two arguments :(
>> Is there a function that does the square root of the sum of squares ?
> then maybe you want:
> numpy.hypot(v-y,v-y), though you should probably make a temporary v-y, 
> so you dont' make two of them.
> I've been assuming that hypot is written in C, rather than just a 
> convenience function, but it it's the later, then it won't help here.

It is written in C, but it doesn't do what you want.

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