[Numpy-discussion] Question about Optimization (Inline and Pyrex)

Simon Berube sberub@gmail....
Tue Apr 17 11:43:37 CDT 2007

I recently made the switch from Matlab to Python and am very
interested in optimizing certain routines that I find too slow in
python/numpy (long loops).

I have looked and learned about the different methods used for such
problems such as blitz, weave and pyrex but had a question for more
experienced developpers.

It appears that pyrex is the fastest of the bunch with weave very
close behind but at the same time pyrex requires entirely different
modules while weave can be inserted almost painlessly into existing
code. Is the speed gain and usefulness of pyrex severely limited by
the extra maintenance required y having separate "fast" routines from
the rest of the code files?

I am greatly interested in finding out what more experienced
developers feel about these issues given that I may be completely off
track and missing on a useful tool(pyrex) thinking weave is better
than it actually is and I am quite frankly afraid of writing routines
in one format and realizing later that it creates problems that I need
to rewrite.

I have tried searching for previous similar posts but could not find
any. My apologies if this is a repeat or a severly dumb question.


Simon Berube

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