[Numpy-discussion] Problems building numpy and scipy on AIX

Christian Marquardt christian@marquardt...
Wed Apr 18 07:19:04 CDT 2007


I've run into a problem building numpy-1.0.2 on AIX (using gcc and native
Fortran compilers). The problem on that platform in general is that the
process for building shared libraries is different from what's normally
done (and it's a pain...)

Anyway. Core python has a dedicated script called ld_so_aix which is used
to create the shared objects (it can be found in the
.../lib/python2.5/config directory of any installed python version).
Everything compiled with the compiler that was used to build python
itself, and which is compiled through the standard distutils, is also
using this construction, so building C extensions usually works fine.

I ran into problems during the installation of numpy 1.0.2 using

   python setup.py config_fc --fcompiler=ibm install

because the numpy distutils try to use the xlf95 compiler to create a
shared image - what needs to be done instead is to wrap the call to the
compiler with the ld_so_aix script. I have attached a patch which solves
the problem for me (and python 2.5), but I don't know if it is the right
place and way to do that - and the python version is hardwired as well, so
it's not really a fix.

What I also find a bit suspicuous is that the Fortran linker is used in
that particular case at all - the problem occurs when building
_dotblas.so, and some targets after that one. However, the corresponding
code is written in C and has actually been compiled with the C compiler.
The problem did not appear with numpy 1.0.1, where the C compiler is
(correctly) used for linking. So maybe there's another hidden problem...

But anyway, I think that the missing wrapping with ld_so_aix is a bug on
its own.

When moving on to building scipy, I ran into similar problems with C++
compiled code - instead of wrapping the c++ compiler/linker with
ld_so_aix, the following command is executed

   g++ gcc -pthread
-Lbuild/temp.aix-5.1-2.5 -o build/lib.aix-5.1-2.5/scipy/cluster/_vq.so

and predictably causes an error. What's happening is (I think) that the
numpy distutils partially overwrite the linker modifications from the core
python. (the -pthread -bI:/...python.exp is an argument to the ld_so_aix
script). My problem is that I do not know where in the numpy distutils
code this modification happens, so I've no idea where to try to fix it -
does anyone on this list know?

Many thanks,

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