[Numpy-discussion] Building numpy on Solaris x86 with sun CC and libsunperf

Peter C. Norton spacey-numpy-discussion@lenin....
Wed Apr 18 11:48:44 CDT 2007

Hello all,

I'm trying to build numpy for some of my users, and I can't seem to
get the [blas_opt] or the [lapack_opt] settings to be honored in my

/scratch/nortonp/python-2.5.1c1/bin/python setup.py config
Running from numpy source directory.
F2PY Version 2_3649
  libraries mkl,vml,guide not found in /usr/local/lib
  libraries mkl,vml,guide not found in /lang/SunOS.5.i386/studio-11.0/SUNWspro/lib
[etc, with nothing found]

And after all this, I get
    Atlas (http://math-atlas.sourceforge.net/) libraries not found.
    Directories to search for the libraries can be specified in the
    numpy/distutils/site.cfg file (section [atlas]) or by setting
    the ATLAS environment variable.

and a similar thing happens with lapack. My site.cfg boils down to

library_dirs = /usr/local/lib:/lang/SunOS.5.i386/studio-11.0/SUNWspro/lib
include_dirs = /usr/local/include:/lang/SunOS.5.i386/studio-11.0/SUNWspro/include

libraries = sunperf

libraries = sunperf

If I mess around with system_info.py I can get setup to acknowledge
the addition to the list, but it seems from the output that the
optimized libraries section in the site.cfg is ignored (eg. never
added to the classes _lib_names array).

Is there a known way to get around this?

Also, since the lapack and blas libraries are already essentially part
of libsunperf, built, do I still need a fortran compiler to link build
numpy or can I just bypass that (somehow) and link the .so and go on
my merry way?



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