[Numpy-discussion] Help using numPy to create a very large multi dimensional array

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> Bruno Santos wrote:
> > Finally I was able to read the data, by using the command you sair with
> > some small changes:
> > matrix = numpy.array([[float(x) for x in line.split()[1:]] for line in
> > vecfile])
> it doesn't sound like you're concerned about the speed of reading the
> files, but you can still use fromfile() or maybe fromstring() to do
> this. You just need to read past the text part first, then process it.
> using fromstring:
> matrix = numpy.vstack([numpy.fromstring(line.split(" ", 1)[1], sep=" ")
> for line in vecfile])
> or something like that.
> -Chris

I would strongly recommend pylab.load.  It handles comments, selects
columns, and is legible.

Examples from the docstring:

        t,y = load('test.dat', unpack=True) # for  two column data
        x,y,z = load('somefile.dat', usecols=(3,5,7), unpack=True)

A more advanced example from examples/load_converter.py:

dates, closes = load(
    'data/msft.csv', delimiter=',',
    converters={0:datestr2num}, skiprows=1, usecols=(0,2),

Devs, is there any possibility of moving/copying pylab.load to numpy?
I don't see anything in the source that requires the rest of
matplotlib.  Among convenience functions, I think that this function
ranks pretty highly in convenience.

Take care,

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