[Numpy-discussion] Inplace reshape

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker@noaa....
Mon Apr 23 13:29:42 CDT 2007

Charles R Harris wrote:
>     Here's a better doc string that explains "This will be a new view
>     object if possible; otherwise, it will return a copy."

Does this exist somewhere, or are you contributing it now?

> I think that it should raise an error, or warn, if it needs to make a 
> copy,

I totally agree, and that behavior matches the current ('1.0.2') docstring.

> but that isn't the  tradition.

so sad -- could this be deprecated. I know we had a pretty length 
discussion about this issue in another context. In general, it's a bad 
idea for methods to sometimes return copies and sometimes views -- it's 
begging for subtle bugs!

oh well, either the code or the docstring should change, in any case.


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