[Numpy-discussion] numpy endian question

Russell E. Owen rowen@cesmail....
Fri Apr 27 11:33:46 CDT 2007

In article <46311822.2010206@stsci.edu>,
 Christopher Hanley <chanley@stsci.edu> wrote:

> Russell,
> This should work as a consistent test for bigendian:
> -> isBigEndian = (obj.dtype.str[0] == '>')
> Also, I have ported numarray's numdisplay to numpy if you would like to 
> directly display an array in DS9.  We haven't done an official release 
> yet (sometime soon) but I can forward you a copy if you are interested.

I would very much like a copy. I've never heard of numdisplay before but 
am always interested in code that can talk to DS9.

I'm porting RO.DS9. it works but has some rather ugly bits of code in it 
to deal with the many vagaries of xpa and ds9.

-- Russell

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