[Numpy-discussion] Building numpy - setting the run path

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Sat Apr 28 02:20:30 CDT 2007

Peter C. Norton wrote:
> Building numpy for my company's solaris distribution involves requring
> a run_path for the lapack+blas libraries we're using (libsunperf,
> though I'm considering swapping out for gsl since we may use that).
> The situation we're in is that we need gcc to get the -R for paths
> like /usr/local/gnu/lib /usr/local/python2.5.1/lib, etc. but the
> default python distutils raise a not implemented exception on this.
May I ask what the -R path option is doing ? I cannot find it in the doc 
of my gcc (on linux), and from your email, I don't see what it is doing 
? Does it say where to find library when linking ? When running ? Does 
it set the patch in the binary ?


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