[Numpy-discussion] fft and roll

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Sat Apr 28 11:51:24 CDT 2007

Ross Harder wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm new to Numpy, just bought the guide last week.
> I've been disappointed by the difficulty I'm having
> finding functions that are documented in the guide. 
> So
> far I've had to spend a lot of time tracking down that
> the fft2 and fftn functions from the fftpack library,
> which are documented in the numpy guide, are actually
> in scipy.  I've also not been able to find the roll
> function documented on page 99 of the guide.  
> Did I just buy the guide at a time when it's
> particularly out of date and there will be an update
> soon?

Your numpy might be (very) out of date. All of those functions are in numpy 1.0
and later (at least).

In [5]: import numpy

In [6]: numpy.fft.fft2
Out[6]: <function fft2 at 0x17954f0>

In [7]: numpy.fft.fftn
Out[7]: <function fftn at 0x1795470>

In [8]: numpy.roll
Out[8]: <function roll at 0x1475170>

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