[Numpy-discussion] arctan2 with complex args

lorenzo bolla lbolla@gmail....
Sun Apr 29 06:18:24 CDT 2007

Weird behaviour with arctan2(complex,complex).
Take  a look at this:

In [11]: numpy.arctan2(1.,1.)
Out[11]: 0.785398163397

In [12]: numpy.arctan2(1j,1j)
exceptions.AttributeError                            Traceback (most recent
call last)

AttributeError: 'complex' object has no attribute 'arctan2'

same error for:

In [13]: numpy.arctan2(1j,1.)
In [14]: numpy.arctan2(1.,1j)

But arctan2 is defined for complex arguments, as far as Octave knows :-) :

octave:7> atan2(1,1)
ans = 0.78540
octave:8> atan2(1j,1j)
ans = 0
octave:9> atan2(1j,1)
ans = 0
octave:10> atan2(1,1j)
ans = 1.5708

bug or wanted behaviour?
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