[Numpy-discussion] python-numpy debian package and f2py

Ondrej Certik ondrej@certik...
Sun Dec 2 18:52:57 CST 2007


I am a comaintainer of the python-scipy package in Debian and now it
seems to be in quite a good shape. However, the python-numpy package
is quite a mess, so as it usually goes in opensource, I got fedup and
I tried to clean it. But I noticed, that f2py was moved from external
package into numpy, however
the versions mishmatch:

The newest (deprecated) python-f2py package in Debian has a version
2.45.241+1926, so I assume this was the version of f2py, before
with numpy. However, the f2py in numpy says when executing:

Version:     2_3816
numpy Version: 1.0.3

so I assume the version of f2py in numpy is 2_3816? So has the
versioning scheme of f2py changed? Another question - since both numpy
and f2py
is now built from the same source, doesn't f2py simply has the same
version as numpy, i.e. 1.0.3?  Note: I know there is a newer numpy
release, but that's
not the point now.

I am asking because we probably will have to remove the old
python-f2py package and build a new one from the sources of numpy,
etc., and it will
take some time until this happens (ftpmasters need to remove the old
package from the archive, then the new binary package needs to go to
NEW queue for approval etc.), so I would like to make sure I
understand the versioning and the future plans with numpy and f2py,
before starting
the transition in Debian.

Actually, does it even make sense to create a python-f2py package? It
seems so (to me), it's a separate program. But since you decided to
merge it
with numpy, what are your thoughts about it?

Thanks a lot,

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