[Numpy-discussion] Max on Complex Array

Robert Kern robert.kern@gmail....
Thu Dec 6 17:23:37 CST 2007

Tom Johnson wrote:
> What is the meaning of numpy's maximum on a complex-valued array?

We impose a lexicographical ordering on the complex space. Complex numbers are
compared first by their real component and then, if the real components are
equal, by their imaginary component.

In [1]: from numpy import *

In [19]: c = random.randint(0, 5, 10) + random.random(10)*1j

In [20]: c
array([ 0.+0.68448275j,  1.+0.97849291j,  3.+0.22114928j,  4.+0.65409519j,
        3.+0.91550523j,  4.+0.50667105j,  1.+0.34576644j,  4.+0.97286048j,
        1.+0.07268317j,  0.+0.52885086j])

In [21]: c.sort()

In [22]: c
array([ 0.+0.52885086j,  0.+0.68448275j,  1.+0.07268317j,  1.+0.34576644j,
        1.+0.97849291j,  3.+0.22114928j,  3.+0.91550523j,  4.+0.50667105j,
        4.+0.65409519j,  4.+0.97286048j])

Robert Kern

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