[Numpy-discussion] scipy.scons branch: building numpy and scipy with scons

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Fri Dec 7 03:12:15 CST 2007

On Dec 5, 2007 1:14 PM, Robert Kern <robert.kern@gmail.com> wrote:
> David Cournapeau wrote:
> > So to go back to your problem: if I understand correctly, what is needed
> > is to update the scons tools. Since those are kept at one place, I think
> > it would be safe to update them independently. But I don't understand
> > exactly how this could be installed in the source tree without
> > reinstalling numpy ? I think this is better than completely overriding
> > the compilation flags, personally. But if you really want this
> > possibility, I can add it, too, without too much trouble.
> I don't think you could install it into an already installed numpy package. My
> suggestion is to keep the implementations of the tools inside the numpy package
> as they are now *except* that we look for another package first before going
> inside numpy.distutils.scons.tools . I called it "numpy_fcompilers" though I now
> suspect "numpy_scons_tools" might be more appropriate. If the package
> numpy_scons_tools doesn't exist, the implementations inside
> numpy.distutils.scons.tools are used. A variation on this would be to provide an
> --option to the scons command to provide a "package path" to look for tools. E.g.
>   python setup.py scons
> --tool-path=my_local_fcompilers,site_fcompilers,numpy.distutils.scons.tools
Done in 4558 (I named the option --scons-tool-path). The problem I can
foresee with this, though, is that if a custom tool is buggy, scons
will fail, and it is not always obvious why.



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