[Numpy-discussion] RAdian <--> degres conversion

Neil Crighton neilcrighton@gmail....
Sun Dec 16 03:50:48 CST 2007

Do we really need these functions in numpy?  I mean it's just
multiplying/dividing the value by pi/180 (who knows why they're in the
math module..). Numpy doesn't have asin, acos, or atan either (they're
arcsin, arcos and arctan) so it isn't a superset of the math module.

I would like there to be fewer functions in numpy, not more.

> > Someone on the wxPython list just pointed out that the math module now
> > includes includes angle-conversion utilities:
> >
> >>>> degrees.__doc__
> > degrees(x) -> converts angle x from radians to degrees
> >>>> radians.__doc__
> > radians(x) -> converts angle x from degrees to radians
> >
> > Not a big deal, but handy. As I generally like to think if numpy as a
> > superset of the math module, perhaps is should include these too.
> Done.

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