[Numpy-discussion] Towards using scons in numpy: 1st step

David Cournapeau cournape@gmail....
Tue Dec 18 04:21:32 CST 2007


as discussed with some other numpy developers, in particular Travis, I
started to prepare my work related to scons for step-by-step merging
into the trunk. The first step is done, and is in cleanconfig_rtm
branch (rtm for ready to merge).

This branch basically:
 - avoid introducing new SIZEOF_* like symbols, which are usually used
by autotools. Python itself defines some of those, but should not.
 - avoid #ifdef/#endif in config.h files: normally, configuration
headers should only contains define. This also makes their generation
more straightforward, and more compatible with standard build tools
(autotools/scons). This is the main goal of the branch
 - split configuration defines into two files: one private (config.h),
which is not visible by any other packages compiled against numpy
headers, and one public (numpyconfig.h), which replaces the config.h.

If there is no problem, I would like to merge this one as quickly as
possible: since it changes numpy.core public header, it may
potentially break things, and I would prefer detecting those breakages



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