[Numpy-discussion] [SciPy-dev] SciPy Sprint results

Pierre GM pgmdevlist@gmail....
Thu Dec 20 11:54:48 CST 2007


> I'd like to move forward with it sooner (for 1.0.5) if the API changes
> are not drastic.  Although ideally 0 API changes would be desireable,
> I'm not sure if that is feasible.   Are put and putmask the only changes
> in the API.  What are the rest of them?

* put, putmask, take should behave like the numpy equivalent.
* fill_value is now a property, not a method.
* cumsum(cumprod) works as if the _data array was filled with 0 (1). The mask 
is preserved, but not updated. (the output of numpy.core.ma has nomask).
* bool(x) raises a ValueError, as it does for ndarrays.

I'm afraid there still might be a couple I forget about, but that should be 
it. I tried to limit the changes as much as possible, but there were some 
instances where the original numpy.core.ma functions were confusing (at least 
I found them confusing), such as the fill_value (makes more sense to have it 
as an attribute), or putmask.

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