[Numpy-discussion] distutils_scons_command branch: 2nd step towards scons support in numpy

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Dec 25 22:30:18 CST 2007

    I have started publishing the distutils_scons_command branch in 
numpy svn repository. This implements all the distutils infrastructure 
necessary to call scons, by using the scons distutils command. In more 
    - distutils setup files can ask for a different name for setup file: 
if the top setup file calls the Configuration __init__ function with 
setup_name argument = foo.py, it will recursively call foo.py instead of 
setup.py. This is useful to have several build configuration in 
parrallel (so that we can include setup.py files using the current build 
system, and setupscons.py files which use scons instead).
    - the scons distutils command is implemented. For every scons script 
file registered through the add_sconscript method, it will call scons. 
If at least one scons script is registered, it will need the numscons 
package. If no scons scripts files are registered, the command does nothing.

Once those code changes are integrated in numpy trunk, the last step for 
a working scons solution will be the release of numscons, which 
implements all the functionalities to use scons script files easily 
within numpy code. The plan is to be able to optionally build numpy 
1.0.5 using scons.



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