[Numpy-discussion] matrix multipln takes too much time

devnew@gmai... devnew@gmai...
Wed Dec 26 01:36:06 CST 2007

> on my computer I have:
> 1.    15.6 sec with your code
> 2.    0.072 sec with resultmatrix2
> 3.    0.040 sec with tensordot (resultmatrix3) (-- which is a 400x speed)

wow ,thanks!
the tensordot fn is blinding fast..
i added /modified
 resultndarray = tensordot(matrixone[:sample,:], matrixtwo.T,
resultmatrix =matrix(abs(resultndarray))

so i can get rid of the negative values in a real case

..your replies helped a lot guys,thanx a lot and happy X'Mas


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