[Numpy-discussion] Overloading sqrt(5.5)*myvector

Gary Ruben gruben@bigpond.net...
Wed Dec 26 04:49:38 CST 2007

Sorry this isn't an answer, just noise, but for those here who don't 
know, Bruce is the chief maintainer of the vpython project. I have found 
vpython aka the visual module to be a highly attractive and useful 
module for teaching physics. It would be great if someone with Boost 
experience would try to help him out. I wouldn't want him to get falsely 
disillusioned with this list as I for one have been looking forward to a 
fully numpy-compatible version of vpython.

Gary R.

Bruce Sherwood wrote:
> Sorry to repeat myself and be insistent, but could someone please at 
> least comment on whether I'm doing anything obviously wrong, even if you 
> don't immediately have a solution to my serious problem? There was no 
> response to my question (see copy below) which I sent to both the numpy 
> and Boost mailing lists.
> To the numpy experts: Is there something wrong, or something I 
> could/should change in how I'm trying to overload multiplication of a 
> numpy square root (or other numpy function) times my own "vector" 
> object? I'm seeing a huge performance hit in going from Numeric to numpy 
> because Numeric sqrt returned float whereas numpy sqrt returns 
> numpy.float64, so that the result is not one of my vector objects. I 
> don't have a problem with myvector*sqrt(5.5).
> Desperately,
> Bruce Sherwood

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