[Numpy-discussion] [C++-sig] Overloading sqrt(5.5)*myvector

Bruce Sherwood Bruce_Sherwood@ncsu....
Thu Dec 27 08:58:31 CST 2007

Thanks for the comment, which limits the range of possible solutions. 
The VPython vector class is implemented in C++, not in Python. I made up 
the simple test in my previous note to try out the solution that had 
been offered and which you have usefully ruled out. Here is the relevant 
part of the vector class, which indeed doesn't look like an ndarray:

inline vector
operator*( const double s) const throw()
{ return vector( s*x, s*y, s*z); }

and here is the free function for right multiplication:

inline vector
operator*( const double& s, const vector& v)
{ return vector( s*v.x, s*v.y, s*v.z); }

Maybe the unsolvable problem is in the Boost definitions:

py::class_<vector>("vector", py::init< py::optional<double, double, 
double> >())
     .def( self * double())
     .def( double() * self)

Left multiplication is fine, but right multiplication isn't.

Bruce Sherwood

Robert Kern wrote:
> Bruce Sherwood wrote:
>> Thanks for the suggestion. It hadn't occurred to me to try to override 
>> numpy as you suggest. However, when I try the code shown below as the 
>> start of a test of this scheme, I get the following error:
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File "C:\Documents and Settings\Bruce\My 
>> Documents\0VPythonWork\vectors.py", line 24, in <module>
>>     numpy.float64.__mul__ = new_mul
>> TypeError: can't set attributes of built-in/extension type 'numpy.float64'
>> I'm copying this to the numpy discussion list, as maybe someone there 
>> will see where to go starting from your suggestion.
> Like most (or all) builtin-types, the numpy float scalars do not permit
> replacing their methods from Python.
> I'm not familiar with vpython's vector. If you can make it "not look like an
> ndarray", then you should be able to just implement __rmul__ on vector.

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