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Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Sun Dec 30 08:49:48 CST 2007

On Sat, 29 Dec 2007, "Travis E. Oliphant" apparently wrote:
> they make it so that the documentation standard for SciPy 
> and NumPy is not different from the ETS standard 

1. Is the Enthought Tool Suite standard published?

2. I think it miscasts things to say that the previous
standard was built around a rendering tool.  The previous
standard was tied to reStructuredText, which happens to
be renderable by epydoc.  In the future, other tools will
render reStructuredText.  Indeed, we are all free to offer
one right now (or to contribute to epydoc).

3. The point of the reStructuredText, which has been 
developed over many years, is to make (with very light
markup) a number of semantic distinctions which have
proved useful and desirable.  If these distinctions are
not drawn in the markup, they cannot be used by any

4. reST offers way to render math (as MathML or LaTeX->PDF).
At one point, iirc, this was considered a plus.

I am NOT trying to push for any particular documentation
standard.  I'm just a NumPy user, not a NumPy developer.  
But I would like to suggest that it might be useful to ask
David Goodger for a quick overview of what will be lost
by using the ETS markup standard instead of reST.

Alan Isaac

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