[Numpy-discussion] Cutting 1.0.2 release

Sven Schreiber svetosch@gmx....
Thu Feb 1 13:40:02 CST 2007

Travis Oliphant schrieb:
> I think it's time for the 1.0.2 release of NumPy.
> What outstanding issues need to be resolved before we do it?  

I just used real_if_close for the first time, and promptly discovered
that it turns matrix input into array output:

>>> import numpy as n
>>> n.__version__
>>> n.real_if_close(n.mat(1))

Maybe it's something for 1.0.2, or should I file a ticket?

I could also do another round of systematic searches for other functions
that still behave like this, but I'm afraid not before 1.0.2 (if that
happens this weekend).


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