[Numpy-discussion] large memory address space on Mac OS X (intel)

Travis Oliphant oliphant@ee.byu....
Thu Feb 1 13:55:55 CST 2007

Louis Wicker wrote:

> Travis:
> yes it does.  Its the Woodcrest server chip 
> <http://www.intel.com/business/xeon/?cid=cim:ggl%7Cxeon_us_woodcrest%7Ck6913%7Cs> which 
> supports 32 and 64 bit operations.  For example the new Intel Fortran 
> compiler can grab more than 2 GB of memory (its a beta10 version).  I 
> think gcc 4.x can as well.
Nice.  I didn't know this.

> However, Tiger (OS X 10.4.x) is not completely 64 bit compliant - 
> Leopard is supposed to be pretty darn close.  
> Is there a numpy flag I could try for compilation....

It's entirely compiler and system dependent.  NumPy just uses the system 
malloc.  If you can compile it so that the system malloc supports 64-bit 
then O.K. (but you will probably run into trouble unless Python is also 
compiled as a 64-bit application).   From Robert's answer, I guess it is 
impossible under Tiger to compile with 64-bit support.


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