[Numpy-discussion] getting indices for array positions

Christian Meesters meesters@uni-mainz...
Wed Feb 7 07:20:03 CST 2007

> Try searchsorted.
Thanks, but that doesn't work. Sorry, if my question wasn't clear.

To illustrate the requirement:
For instance:
>>> a
array([ 0. ,  0.1,  0.2,  0.3,  0.4])
>>> # should be 1
>>> a.searchsorted(0.11)
>>> # should be 2
>>> a.searchsorted(0.16)

I could correct for one index position, of course, but I still have the 
requirement to get the index of the item with the closest value to the key. 
Since searchsorted returns the index of the first item in a that is >= or > 
the key, it can't make the distinction between 0.1 and 0.2 as I would like to 

Hope this clarifies my question.

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