[Numpy-discussion] numpy.linalg.qr bug on 64-bit platforms

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Wed Feb 7 13:16:41 CST 2007

Hi all,

I recently got a report of a bug triggered only on 64-bit hardware,
and on a machine (in case it's relevant) that runs python 2.5.  This
is with current numpy SVN which I just rebuilt a moment ago to

In [3]: a = numpy.array([[1.0,2],[3,4]])

In [4]: numpy.linalg.qr(a)
 ** On entry to DGEQRF parameter number  2 had an illegal value
sage[~]>  # dumped back at system prompt

In case anyone has ideas, I added some more initial detail and guesses
as to where the problem may be coming from here:


Unfortunately I don't know this part of the code well enough to come
up with a quick fix myself.



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