[Numpy-discussion] force column vector

Sven Schreiber svetosch@gmx....
Wed Feb 7 16:07:11 CST 2007

Christopher Barker schrieb:
> Christian wrote:
>> when creating an ndarray from a list, how can I force the result to be
>> 2d *and* a column vector? So in case I pass a nested list, there will be no
>> modification of the shape and when I pass a simple list, it will be 
>> converted to a 2d column vector.
> I'm not sure I understand the specification of the problem. I would 
> think that the definition of a column vector is that it's shape is:
> (-1,1)

So I think what's needed is:

b = array(yourlist)
b.reshape(b.shape[0], -1)

Now it seems I finally understood this business with the -1 in the
shapes... (well it's trivial if you have the book :-)


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