[Numpy-discussion] Comparing x and x.view

Travis Oliphant oliphant@ee.byu....
Wed Feb 7 22:09:16 CST 2007

Pierre GM wrote:
> On Wednesday 07 February 2007 22:38:30 Robert Kern wrote:
>> Pierre GM wrote:
>>> All,
>>> I want to compare whether two arrays point to the same data.
>>> I've been using 'is' so far, but I'm wondering whether it's the right
>>> approach.
>> It isn't. Your analysis is correct.
> So, there's no real point in using the Python 'id' function ? Do we need a 
> shortcut to __array_interface__['data'] as id number ?
You have it (sort of a short-cut).


This works even if ctypes is not installed.


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