[Numpy-discussion] Request for porting pycdf to NumPy

Jeff Whitaker jswhit@fastmail...
Fri Feb 9 13:31:31 CST 2007

Eric Firing wrote:
> I have been using Jeff Whitaker's netcdf4 interface with good results.
> I could not find the web page for it on a NOAA site--I think NOAA is 
> reorganizing--but a search turned it up here.  Maybe Jeff can provide 
> a better link.
> http://netcdf4-python.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/docs/netCDF4-module.html
> Eric

Yep, that's a link to the docs from the google code homepage


AFAIK, this is the only one of the python interfaces that supports both 
the netcdf version 3 API and the new (still in alpha) version 4 API, 
which is built on top of HDF5.

As far as getting unidata to support  or bless an 'official' python 
interface, that's not going to happen.  They barely have enough staff to 
support the C, fortran and Java interfaces.


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