[Numpy-discussion] Request for porting pycdf to NumPy

Rob Hetland hetland@tamu....
Fri Feb 9 13:35:27 CST 2007

+1 for Whitaker's package.

The new location of the package is:


I use netcdf for everything I do, and so I checked out all of the  
packages in detail.  All follow a similar API, although there are  
very minor differences that will catch you if you are not careful  
(like writing a single character).

Although this is (austensibly) made for netcdf4, Whitaker's package  
works well both reading and writing netcdf3 files.  It also has  
support for stitching together multiple files.  It also has support  
for compression of numpy4 data (as well as all of the other cool  
netcdf4 features).  The only disadvantage is that netcdf4 is a bit  
harder to install than netcdf3 -- primarily because the user must  
first install hdf.  However, recent versions work fine on all the  
platforms I use (Mac and Redhat).

Clearly this is the way to go.


On Feb 9, 2007, at 1:19 PM, Eric Firing wrote:

> I have been using Jeff Whitaker's netcdf4 interface with good results.
> I could not find the web page for it on a NOAA site--I think NOAA is
> reorganizing--but a search turned it up here.  Maybe Jeff can  
> provide a
> better link.
> http://netcdf4-python.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/docs/netCDF4- 
> module.html
> Eric
> Daran Rife wrote:
>> Yep, I was referring to: http://pysclint.sourceforge.net/pycdf/
>> Regarding the issue of deciding which netCDF interface to adopt
>> as the "standard", although it is unlikely we'll ever get consensus
>> on this, I have tried several of the netCDF interfaces, including
>> the one in Scientific, and have found that pycdf is the "cleanest";
>> it is very easy to use and understand.
>> Daran
>> --
>> Travis Oliphant wrote:
>>> Is pycdf the same as pynetcdf?  Where is it located?
>> I presume it's this one:
>>    http://pysclint.sourceforge.net/pycdf/
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