[Numpy-discussion] Request for porting pycdf to NumPy

Christian Marquardt christian@marquardt...
Fri Feb 9 15:00:27 CST 2007

Dear list,

attached is a patch for the original pycdf-0.6.2-rc1 distribution as
available through sourceforge - and a little shell script illustrating
how to install it. After applyng the patch, it should be configured for
numpy. Note that the "installation" script uses an environment variable
PREFIX to define where the pacjkage is installed; it also assumes that
the netcdf libraries are installed in $PREFIX/lib.

The orginal author already supported both numeric and numarray, so I just
added a new subdirectory for numpy - which is simply the numeric version
slightly changed. The patch is only that large because it replicates much
of already existing code...

I have been using this "port" for many weeks now without any problems or
difficulties. I hope it's useful for others as well;-)


On Fri, February 9, 2007 15:31, Daran L. Rife wrote:
> Hi Travis,
> If you're still offering NumPy "patches" to third party
> packages that rely upon Numeric, I would really like for
> pycdf to be ported to NumPy. This would allow me to
> completely transition to NumPy.
> Thanks very much for considering my request.
> Daran Rife
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