[Numpy-discussion] pyhdf / was: Request for porting pycdf to NumPy

Travis Oliphant oliphant@ee.byu....
Fri Feb 9 15:16:57 CST 2007

Christian Marquardt wrote:

>As we are at it,
>Andre Gosselin (the guy who wrote pycdf) also wrote an interface to HDF4
>(not 5) named pyhdf. I'm using that with numpy as well (patch attached),
>but I haven't tested it much - little more than just running the examples,
>really (which appear to be ok). Maybe it's useful...
>In pyhdf, the author didn't support different array interfaces; so the
>attached patch just modifes the existing source code and moves it over
>to numpy. I've also attached a "install script" which makes use of the
>particular lacotion of the HDF4 libraries (in $PREFIX/lib) and header
>files (in $PREFIX/include/hdf), so it it almost certainly needs to be
>adapted to the location of the actual HDF libraries and headers.

Great job.   Thanks so much.  Would you mind adding these patches to the 
scipy web page.

Or, perhaps we should place them in the numpy svn directory somewhere.


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