[Numpy-discussion] magic_square

Alec Mihailovs alec@mihailovs....
Fri Feb 16 13:37:52 CST 2007

I saw somewhere a comparison between numpy and Matlab/Octave. One of the 
Matlab/Octave commands that is missing in Numpy is magic(n) for producing n-by-
n magic squares.

Yesterday I posted a magic_square module in the CheeseShop, containing this 
missing magic(n) command together with 2 others, ismagic(a) and magic_constant


I wouldn't object adding them directly to the numpy package. It's, probably, 
RTFM question, but I couldn't find it on the web and I didn't BTFM yet - what 
is the standard way of submitting a module for including in numpy?

Another question that I have is that I have a link to NumPy on my magic_square 
page cited above. This is a kind of advertising and I've read that NumPy has a 
BSD type license including the advertising claim. Do I have to get a written 
permission from somebody to have a link to NumPy download page on my page?

Alec Mihailovs 

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