[Numpy-discussion] magic_square

Travis Oliphant oliphant@ee.byu....
Fri Feb 16 14:09:43 CST 2007

Alec Mihailovs wrote:

>I saw somewhere a comparison between numpy and Matlab/Octave. One of the 
>Matlab/Octave commands that is missing in Numpy is magic(n) for producing n-by-
>n magic squares.
>Yesterday I posted a magic_square module in the CheeseShop, containing this 
>missing magic(n) command together with 2 others, ismagic(a) and magic_constant
>I wouldn't object adding them directly to the numpy package. It's, probably, 
>RTFM question, but I couldn't find it on the web and I didn't BTFM yet - what 
>is the standard way of submitting a module for including in numpy?
You can submit a patch as a ticket on the Trac pages.   The trend is to 
put this kind of stuff into SciPy instead of NumPy.   I think we are 
trying to trim NumPy in the long term.

>Another question that I have is that I have a link to NumPy on my magic_square 
>page cited above. This is a kind of advertising and I've read that NumPy has a 
>BSD type license including the advertising claim. Do I have to get a written 
>permission from somebody to have a link to NumPy download page on my page?
I'm not sure what the "advertising claim" is.  The only "advertising" 
claim is that you can't use the name of the NumPy developers or 
contributors in "support" of your project.   You can use the "NumPy" 
name because your package depends on it.

As far as I'm concerned just placing a link to NumPy does not require 
written permission.


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