[Numpy-discussion] [Matplotlib-users] [matplotlib-devel] Unifying numpy, scipy, and matplotlib docstring formats

Matthew Brett matthew.brett@gmail....
Sun Feb 18 05:46:55 CST 2007


> import plab
> plab.plot() #etc.
> and interactive use could do from plab import *.

Yes...  It's a hard call of course.  I am a long term matlab user, and
switched to python relatively recently.  I do see the attraction of
persuading people that you can get something very similar to matlab
easily.  The downside about making numpy / python like matlab is that
you soon realize that you really have to think about your problems
differently, and write code in a different way.  I know that's
obvious, but the variables as pointers, mutable / immutable types,
zero based indexing, arrays vs matrices are all (fruitful) stumbling
blocks.  Then there is the very large change of thinking in an OO way,
pulling in other large packages for doing other tasks, writing
well-structured code with tests - all the features that python gives
you for an industrial strength code base.  And, the more pylab looks
like matlab, the more surprised and confused people will be when they
switch.  So,  I would argue that getting as close to matlab as
possible should not be the unqualified goal here - it is a real
change, with real pain, but great benefits.



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