[Numpy-discussion] Distributing prebuilt numpy and other extensions

David Cournapeau david@ar.media.kyoto-u.ac...
Tue Feb 20 20:50:11 CST 2007

Zachary Pincus wrote:
> Hello folks,
> I've developed some command-line tools for biologists using python/ 
> numpy and some custom C and Fortran extensions, and I'm trying to  
> figure out how to easily distribute them...
> For people using linux, I figure a source distribution is no problem  
> at all. (Right?)
If they already have dependencies, and can easily install blas/lapack, 
then it is indeed relatively easy. Incidentally, I am working on a 
system to build a complete self-contained numpy/scipy from sources, 
including LAPACK/BLAS/ATLAS if necessary, for reasons similar to you. On 
linux at least, I still think source distribution is the most reliable 
(compiler version mismatch, etc... makes it really difficult to 
distribute binaries across several distributions).
> On the other hand, for Mac users (whose computers by default don't  
> have the dev tools, and even then would need to get a fortran  
> compiler elsewhere) I'd like to figure out something a bit easier.
I don't know much about Mac OS X, but PyMC distributes binaries for 
intel and ppc Mac in a way similar to what you are looking for:


Unfortunately, the build scripts are not included in the sources, but 
maybe the author of PyMC can give you some hints ?



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