[Numpy-discussion] New release of pycdf package ported to NumPy

George Nurser gnurser@googlemail....
Wed Feb 21 07:26:35 CST 2007

Hi Andre,
I've downloaded bpycdf and it works very nicely with  numpy; thanks
very much for all your effort.

One small problem; I'm probably being stupid, but I cannot see how to
set a _Fillvalue as Float32.

regards, George Nurser.

On 12/02/07, Andre Gosselin <gosselina@dfo-mpo.gc.ca> wrote:
> A small error slipped into the pycdf-0.6-3 release. Attribute deletion
> through del(), and dimension length inquiry through len() were missing
> in that release.
> A new pycdf-0.6.3b fixes those problems. I have withdrawn pycdf-0.6.3
> from Sourceforge.net . Those people who have already downloaded this
> release can safely continue to use it,if they do not mind missing the
> del() and len() features.
> Reagrds,
> Andre Gosselin
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