[Numpy-discussion] installation documentation

Travis Oliphant oliphant@ee.byu....
Wed Feb 21 13:55:20 CST 2007

Toon Knapen wrote:

>Hi all,
>Is there detailed info on the installation process available.
>I'm asking because in addition to installing numpy on linux-x86, I'm 
>also trying to install numpy on aix-power and windows-x86. So before 
>bombarding the ml with questions, I would like to get my hands on all 
>doc available (I already have the 'Guide to Numpy' of sept. 15 2006 but 
>can not find all the info I'm looking for in there neither)
If you don't care about using "vendor-specific math libraries" then it's 
as easy as

python setup.py install

on linux and aix (it's also that easy on Windows if you have the right 
compiler and/or configuration file set up).

If you care about vendor specific libraries, then you have to either put 
them in a "known" place or write a site.cfg file.   (We should document 
where the "known" places are...)

The installation process uses distutils and so information about 
distutils that you can glean from other places is also relevant.

Ask on the mailing list for more specifics.


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