[Numpy-discussion] Unifying numpy, scipy, and matplotlib docstring formats

Fernando Perez fperez.net@gmail....
Sun Feb 25 16:16:17 CST 2007


On 2/25/07, Jouni K. Seppänen <jks@iki.fi> wrote:

> I suppose these things could be addressed quite neatly by IPython.
> It could even modify your history similarly to what it currently
> does with the %magic commands, so that when you type

Feel free to play with implementing this, it's easy to do so on your
personal setup, since input prefilter can be trivially added by any
user.  Once you find a set of tools that you're happy with, just send
them my way and we'll include them officially.

Here's some links you may find useful:


the code for these extensions ships already with ipython, under

Look at the one for quantities with units, it's a good starting point
for what you want to do.

> Perhaps the namespace issue could also be addressed at the IPython
> level. The pylab profile could import the various packages, perhaps
> with some kind of abbreviated names, and rewrite commands like




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