[Numpy-discussion] Latest Array-Interface PEP

Christopher Barker Chris.Barker at noaa.gov
Thu Jan 4 18:02:24 CST 2007

Travis Oliphant wrote:

> Guido is the one who 
> encouraged me at SciPy 2006 to push this and so I think he is generally 
> favorable to the idea.

good sign.

> The Python devs will definitely push back.  The 
> strongest opposition seems to be from people that don't 'get' it and so 
> don't want "dead interfaces" in Python. 

well, none of us want dead interfaces in Python.

> They would need to be convinced of how often such an interface would 
> actually get used.  I've tried to do that in the rationale, but many 
> people actually posting to python-dev to support the basic idea

>  However, there is a 
> great need for people to stand up and say:  "We need something like this 
> in Python..."

let us know when there is a relevant thread to chime in on.

However, what we really need is not people like me saying "I need this", 
but rather people that develop significant existing extension packages 
saying they'll actually use this in their package. People like:

wxPython -- Robin Dunn
PIL      -- Fredrik Lundh
PyOpenGL -- Who?
PyObjC -- would it be useful there? (Ronald Oussoren)
MatplotLib (but maybe it's already married to numpy...)
PyGtk ?

Who else?

I know Robin Dunn is interested in using it in wxPython -- but probably 
only if someone contributes the code. I hope to do that some day, but 
I'm only barely qualified to do so.

Fredrik accepted your submission of code to use the array interface in 
PIL, but he seemed skeptical of the idea.

Perhaps lobbying (or even just surveying) some of these folks would be 


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