[Numpy-discussion] convert csv file into recarray without pre-specifying dtypes and variable names

Vincent Nijs v-nijs@kellogg.northwestern....
Mon Jul 9 08:55:25 CDT 2007

Cool! Thanks Tim.


On 7/8/07 10:25 PM, "Timothy Hochberg" <tim.hochberg@ieee.org> wrote:

> On 7/8/07, Vincent Nijs <v-nijs@kellogg.northwestern.edu> wrote:
>> Thanks for looking into this Torgil! I agree that this is a much more
>> complicated setup. I'll check if there is anything I can do on the data end.
>> Otherwise I'll go with Timothy's suggestion and read in numbers as floats
>> and convert to int later as needed.
> Here is a strategy that should allow auto detection without too much in the
> way of inefficiency. The basic idea is to convert till you run into a problem,
> store that data away, and continue the conversion with a new dtype. At the end
> you assemble all the chunks of data you've accumulated into one large array.
> It should be reasonably efficient in terms of both memory and speed.
> The implementation is a little rough, but it should get the idea across.

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