[Numpy-discussion] Finalising documentation guidelines for NumPy

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Tue Jul 17 12:58:24 CDT 2007

On Tue, 17 Jul 2007, Stefan van der Walt apparently wrote:
>    var1 :
>        Description.
>    breaks.  This can be fixed either by omitting the colon after
>    'var1' in the second case, or by slightly modifying epydoc's output.

It breaks semantically too, no?
(The colon is a separator, separating the variable name from its type.)

By the way,
Are you referring to a particular document?  I see the 
following document
which points to the detailed document.
The detailed document seems the place to add your changes.
(Note that the renderred version is unavailable:

Alan Isaac

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