[Numpy-discussion] Pickle, pytables, and sqlite - loading and saving recarray's

Timothy Hochberg tim.hochberg@ieee....
Fri Jul 20 08:48:21 CDT 2007

On 7/20/07, Vincent Nijs <v-nijs@kellogg.northwestern.edu> wrote:
> Gael,
> Sounds very interesting! Would you mind sharing an example (with code if
> possible) of how you organize your experimental data in pytables. I have
> been thinking about how I might organize my data in pytables and would luv
> to hear how an experienced user does that.
> Given the speed differences it looks like pytables is going to be a better
> solution for my needs.
> Still curious however ... does no one on this list use (and like) sqlite?
> Could anyone suggest any other list where I might find users of python and
> sqlite (and numpy)?

You could try the db-sig. You can get to the archives, and I imagine
subscribe to it, from:


I don't know if that'll be helpful for you, but I imagine that they know
something about python + sqlllite.

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