[Numpy-discussion] when and where to use numpy arrays vs nested lists

Mark P. Miller mpmusu@cc.usu....
Thu Mar 1 16:21:17 CST 2007

One more note (this perhaps may need a separate topic):

I've been using the Enthought python edition that contains python 2.4.3 
and numpy  After Robert Kern pointed out that I should try 
numpy 1.0.1, I went ahead and installed it (downloaded a few hours ago: 

Now however, I'm seeing perhaps a more serious problem:   The test 
program that I'm working with went from taking ~80 seconds to run to 
taking over 10 minutes to run.  I've rolled back to my old numpy version 
and confirmed that the old version was much faster.  I also tried 
re-installing 1.0.1, and once again am seeing much slower runtimes.

My code contains numpy arrays where items are accessed on an 
element-by-element basis.  I also make use of some of numpy's random 
number generators.

Just thought I'd point this out,


Christopher Barker wrote:
> Francesc Altet wrote:
>> Ops, this seems a bug with your numpy version:
> yup, it's a bug here too:
>  >>> numpy.__version__
> '1.0.1'
> this is the dmg for python2.5 on pythonmac.org/packages

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