[Numpy-discussion] First Numerical Python code...comments?

Alan G Isaac aisaac@american....
Sun Mar 4 13:29:50 CST 2007

> Charles R Harris wrote: 
>> that this is planned for python 3.0 but maybe not yet in 
>> current versions of python. From a ppt presentation by 
>> Guido: 
>> dict.keys(), range(), zip() won't return lists 
>> killing dict.iterkeys(), xrange(), itertools.izip() 

On Sun, 04 Mar 2007, "Steven H. Rogers" apparently wrote: 
> At PyCon, Guido said that range would have xrange behavior and the old 
> range would be deprecated in Python 3.0.  This may be back-ported to 2.6. 

Did he discuss whether the change in ``zip`` is still 
planned?  Unlike the change in range, I find the proposed 
change in ``zip`` not to be innocuous. (I.e., I'm sure some 
of my code will fail if my zip object is empty after 


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