[Numpy-discussion] F2PY clarification of "so" file

Tyler Hayes hayes.tyler@gmail....
Mon Mar 5 22:13:21 CST 2007

Hello All:

Well, I recently managed to get some small FEM code to work using
NumPy and some .so modules I created from Fortran90 routines via f2py.

Anyways, my Prof was impressed with f2py but had a simple question
that I'm afriad I didn't precisely know the answer to.

The question is this:

Is the .so file a Fortran90 executed code (or C) that runs at their
speeds? Or is it a Python code that is translated from Fortran90?

The concern my Prof had was that for a simple 12 -- 50 element model
speed isn't a concern. However, for an FEM model with tens of
thousands of nodes, speed is crucial.

Any clarification is greatly appreciated.



Tyler Joseph Hayes
GPG Key ID# 0x3AE05130

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