[Numpy-discussion] In need of Bessel functions - cephes/amos bindings for new numpy?

Gregory Lielens gregory.lielens@fft...
Fri Mar 9 02:38:05 CST 2007

we are looking for Bessel/Hankel  ufuncs, and naturally found the cephes 
module developed by Travis. Had a quick look, and it seems the latest 
version I found (cepehs-1.3) is quite old, targeted to python 1.5 and 
numerics. Questions and discussions about it on newsgroup seems to have 
died off around 2003 too :( .
Is there a newer version targeted at the current Numpy distribution? 
Travis being the developper, I quite expected to find it easily, but so 
far have not succeeded....

Best regards,


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