[Numpy-discussion] Python vector and matrix formatter similar to Matlab

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck@gmx....
Sat Mar 10 10:57:30 CST 2007

"Simon Wood" <sgwoodjr@gmail.com> writes:

> To all,
> I came across an old thread in the archives in which Alexander Schmolck gave
> an example of a Matlab like matrix formatter he authored for Python. Is this
> formatter still available some where? 

Yup. I've still got it as part of a matrix class I wrote many years ago
(because I found the one in Numeric mostly useless and arrays syntactically to
awkward for linear algebra). Numpy sort of broke my design (which was flawed
anyway and partly rather incompetently implemented) and for various reasons I
ended up mostly coding numeric stuff in matlab for some time anyway, but as I
thankfully seem to be moving mostly back to python again, I do intend to
salvage, port and clean up at least the formatting code (possibly more, there
were some other things I liked about it).

With a bit of work this could either go into numpy/scipy if there's interest
or maybe make a useful addition to ipython (as the main benefit is that it's
really a much more handy way to display matrices (or indeed arrays) for
interactive work).

How urgently are you interested in this?


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