[Numpy-discussion] email notification from the TRAC systems

Sebastian Haase haase@msg.ucsf....
Sat Mar 10 15:04:49 CST 2007

Myself and a friend of mine were surprised that we did not get emailed
 when someone commented on a bug reports we made on the numpy or scipy
TRAC bug tracker system.
(I started at some point adding an explicit CC entry for myself  :-(  )

I just googled for this, an I found that in a
trac.ini file   there should be this option:

always_notify_owner = true

Why is this (or is it !?)  not used in numpy/scipy TRAC system ?

I think - since one has to sign up using an email address - that it's
naturally to expect that one would get comments copied by email.

-Sebastian Haase

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