[Numpy-discussion] cannot pickle large numpy objects when memory resources are already stressed

Glen W. Mabey Glen.Mabey@swri....
Mon Mar 12 15:20:55 CDT 2007


After running a simulation that took 6 days to complete, my script
proceeded to attempt to write the results out to a file, pickled.

The operation failed even though there was 1G of RAM free (4G machine).  
I've since reconsidered using the pickle format for storing data sets 
that include large numpy arrays.  However, somehow I assumed that one
would be able to pickle anything that you already had in memory, but I
see now that this was a rash assumption.

Ought there to be a way to do this, or should I forget about being able
to bundle large numpy arrays and other objects in a single pickle?


(these commands performed on a different machine with 1G RAM)

In [10]: za = numpy.zeros( (100000000,), dtype=numpy.float32 )

In [11]: import cPickle

In [12]: zfile = file( '/tmp/zfile', 'w' )

In [13]: cPickle.dump( za, zfile )
exceptions.MemoryError        Traceback (most recent call last)

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